Breaking Walls For Women

The goal is to shatter all walls and ceilings that are projected on women. Today society has changed. That includes opportunities. Now it is time to help women live the prosperous life that they deserved utilizing media production to reach a larger audience, impact communities, and become profitable. This program is dedicated just to that while providing free resources as well while teaming up with Antonio T. Smith Jr with ATS.

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ATS Jr. Companies provides business training, professional and personal development, and consulting services like none another. 

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Media Production Services 

•1 studio or professional shoot per month 

•1 Video Shoot per month 


-guidance from Chris Holmes on



•Becoming an author



•Creating Content  



•Ask business questions by text 

•Get two photos edited per month you already have 

•1 Simple logo creation (up to 2 revisions)

•Soul Production University


•Opportunity to talk about your business on Next Level Thinking once a month  (Apple podcast, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, etc)

Just $250 a month for media production & more!

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